Feedjira Two-Point-Oh

Posted by Jon Allured on June 5, 2015

About a year ago, I took Feedjira to version 1.0 and today I’m releasing version 2.0. Not much has changed actually - the biggest difference is that curb has been replaced with faraday. For many users, upgrading to version 2.0 won’t require anything more than a bundle update feedjira.

The other big change is that the Feedjira#update method was removed. It was unreliable and mostly just caused issues. To read more about why this was removed, check out this comment on a GitHub issue that was opened about it not working as expected.

I’ve also updated the site to reflect the changes in this version. I took the opportunity to greatly simply things and got just about all the documentation to fit on one page.

I hope you like version 2.0 - feel free to hit me up on Twitter or if you have any trouble, open a GitHub issue and I’ll give you a hand.

Finally, thanks to those that gave me feedback on either my thoughts on version 2.0 or the release candidate - I really appreciate it!