Computer Software

Software is a set of programs that helps a computer to carry out definite tasks. A program is a series of instructions written to solve a specific problem. Software exists in two forms; these are system software and application software.

System Software

System software is an arrangement of programs developed to run, regulate, and extend the processing abilities of a computer. Computer manufacturers are typically responsible for the creation of system software.

Each software product has programs written in low-level languages, interacting with the hardware at the fundamental level. System software operates as the interface between the end-users and the hardware. Examples of system software include Compilers, Operating Systems, Assemblers, Interpreters, etc.

Application Software

Application software products are made to fulfill an essential need of a particular area. Software designed in the computer laboratory can be referred to as Application Software. Some application software can consist of one program, just like a notepad designed for writing text.

Likewise, it may contain a software package, a collection of programs that works together to complete a specific function. Here are some examples of application software: Microsoft Office Suite software, payroll software, income tax software, and lots more

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